MOMO raises 1559.99 euro for the KWF

MOMO Amsterdam hands over 1510 euros to the Dutch Cancer Society

A total of 1559,99 euro has been collected by the MoMo community for the Dutch Cancer Society .We are touched by the motivations of the people who bid on the special tickets. One of the auctioned tickets was won by a group of people from the United States who would not attend the event. Both the auction and donations by members of the community have been welcomed by the KWF.

Mobile Monday Amsterdam and the KWF would like thank the following people for their kind donations to the KWF:

  • Paul Molenaar
  • Mary & Steve Parsons
  • Connie & Tim McGee
  • Jason FitzGerald
  • Rob & Cindy Robertson
  • Raelene & Tony Gayou
  • Seaside Graphics & Printing
  • Silky Sullivan’s Restaurant & Irish Pub
  • Marco Derksen
  • Edwin Velema
  • J. P. Lauret
  • Kjeld Kahn
  • Michiel Allessie
  • Gordon Lokenberg
  • Carla Hoekendijk
  • Len Clabbers
  • Bettina Feenstra

(and of course everybody else who donated at the event!)

Do you want to donate to the KWF too? KWF is collecting this week throughout the whole country, or donate directly via their website. You can donate online by going to their website.

2 Responses

  1. Tuurlijk heb ik wat in het zakje gedaan toen de collecte langskwam!

  2. […] The made a nice show of me not being there and the cancer fund made more then 1200 euros: […]

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